High 5: Our Favorite Coffee Shops

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high 5 coffee

We have to admit it was almost impossible to narrow this list down to five. Our knowledge of neighborhood coffee shops runs so deep that it nearly rivals our real estate expertise. They’re where we meet with clients, stop for a caffeine fix and/or bathroom break while we’re running all over the city on appointments…Read More »

Are you ready to buy a home?

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ready to buy

You may find yourself constantly poring over real estate listings online, or you feel sick to your stomach every month when you write your rent check, or you just feel like it’s a milestone you ought to reach: homeownership. For the most part, we’re (obviously) proponents of buying over renting. But it’s not the answer…Read More »

Philadelphia tree recycling locations

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tree recycling

The City has a tree recycling program. Cool, right? Well, the thing is, you have to DROP OFF your tree to have it recycled. Unfortunately a lot of people hear that we have a tree recycling program and assume that means they can just stick their tree on the curb with other recyclables on trash…Read More »

Shop local this holiday season! Philly craft fair round-up

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Haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet? Don’t panic! There are a number of craft fairs this weekend–hit one or more and get hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your list. Here are our tips for having the best time possible: Bring cash, including small bills. Many of these vendors are woefully prepared when it comes…Read More »

Crossing the Grays Ferry Bridge

ADDED October 18, 2013 2 COMMENTS

Over recent years, we’ve watched the expansion of what’s considered Center City continue to spread. And it makes sense: Philadelphia is a city with a growing population, and lots of people want the amenities of living in Center City without the hefty price tag. As buyers are priced out of the neighborhoods immediately surrounding Center…Read More »

Why listings sell quickly

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Philadelphia Magazine recently ran a piece on their real estate blog about why listings sell quickly. The featured three listings that sold in under a week—two of which were Holly’s.  It’s such a glowing endorsement of Holly’s listing strategy that we feel the need to go on record to say that we did not pay…Read More »