Top 5 Reasons to List With Holly Mack-Ward & Co.

1. We get a higher sales price

Our average sales price is 98% of list price—1% higher than the city’s average. That 1% translates to thousands of dollars in your pocket.

2. We sell quickly

Our listings sell in less than half the time than our competitors’. On average we sell homes in just 33 days, compared to the citywide average of 67 days on market.

3. We’re experienced closers

There’s much more to finalizing a sale than finding a buyer. Whether it’s negotiating surprising home inspection results, resolving unforeseen title issues or working proactively to avoid any potential appraisal or municipal hiccups, we draw on the experience of closing nearly 1,000 transactions to get you to the settlement table.

4. We’ve got an expert for that

No one person is an expert at all things. That’s why we’ve built a team of professionals with specialized roles. We work in tandem, each attending to our individual areas of expertise (strategy, marketing and transaction management) towards a singular goal: delivering for you.

5. We’ll make things simple

You’re too busy to worry about what needs to happen when–it’s our full-time job to manage the sales process for you. At each stage of the process we’ll make sure you know what you can expect next, what we’re up to and what, if anything, you need to do.

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  • “We take your privacy extremely seriously. We won’t sell or share your personal information with anyone, we won’t spam you and we’ll listen to your feedback.”