Liz S.

I had the pleasure of working with Jennifer Golden and Robin Mack-Ward during the process of purchasing my home. I have dealt with real estate agents in the past who were clearly focused on their commission check, but I never once had that experience with the Holly Mack-Ward group. It was clear from the beginning that finding the home that was right for me was top priority, and that was not an easy task. Even after dragging Jennifer to countless homes, some in neighborhoods I would not walk through after dark, she was always ready for my next list with great enthusiasm.

Jennifer and Robin were always professional, informative, quick to respond to my inquiries, and most importantly, organized. There are so many dates and deadlines to remember when buying a home. Robin had set up email reminders and check-ins that kept me up to date on the progress of negotiations and contracts. It was extremely helpful to have one place to log on and see the detailed list that showed both what was left to do and what was completed.

I would recommend Holly Mack-Ward and co. to anyone buying a home. Jennifer and Robin are amazing people to work with, and they have great senses of humor. It was refreshing to be able to have a serious focus on home buying while still being able to appreciate the lighthearted moments. Thank you!

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