Girard Estates fixer-upper with stained glass and retro kitchen wants $230K

If retro kitchens are your thing, the jadeite green metal cabinets and vintage range will make you swoon. We knew that even though this home wasn’t a sleek and shiny renovation, it was something would want to feature. We reached out to them the moment we had photos in-hand and got this listing some press before it was live in the MLS.

Girard Estates fixer-upper with stained glass and retro kitchen wants $230K
Anna Merriman

Tucked away on the edge of Girard Estates, this rowhome offers a ton of retro details for anyone who loves a good home improvement project.

The three-bed, 1.5-bath place just came on the market for $229,000 and has a lot of charm, starting with the 16-foot-wide brick exterior.

Inside, a wood-lined foyer with mint green floor tile opens to the first floor, which was once used as a doctor’s office but could easily be converted into living space. The office is lined with yellow wood paneling but has pops of color in the form of interior stained glass windows.

The steps lead up to what was once a one-bed apartment, with hardwood floors, a yellow tile bathroom, archways, and the most interesting draw: a 1950’s-esq mint green kitchen.

The house is certainly not move in ready. It was built in 1920, and in that time it has undergone a lot of changes in that time and has fallen into a state of slight disrepair. But for anyone with a keen eye for detail and a love of fixing up homes, it could be the perfect fit.

  • 2317 South 17th St [Jennifer Golden, WeKnowPhilly]

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