Why listings sell quickly

Holly Mack-Ward & Co. July 19, 2013

Philadelphia Magazine recently ran a piece on their real estate blog about why listings sell quickly. The featured three listings that sold in under a week—two of which were Holly’s.  It’s such a glowing endorsement of Holly’s listing strategy that we feel the need to go on record to say that we did not pay them to write it!

Advertising exposure is obviously huge when it comes to getting homes sold. You know it, we know it, and every other real estate agent knows it. So if all the good agents are getting their listings on as many sites as possible, what gives Holly Mack-Ward & Co. the edge?

Why do our listings sell 20% more quickly than the average agent’s (at 67 days, compared to the average of 83 for 2012)?

Anyone can spend the money it takes to get exposure. But what’s the point of exposure if the ad isn’t effective? Holly makes sure that our ads not only get in front of as many potential buyers as possible, but that they show buyers why buying THAT property is a no-brainer when compared to competing listings. With her combined experience in journalism and as one of Philadelphia’s top-producing real estate agents Holly knows exactly what message to communicate and, just as importantly, how to effectively communicate that message to potential buyers.

Read the article for yourself, or check out these choice snippets (emphasis is ours):

Their tweet about the article read: “3 homes that sold in less than 1 week. What’s their secret? For one thing, @weknowphilly’s listings copy”.

What made it sell? Old City has low inventory, the listings copy was terrific, and it was a legitimately good deal in a great neighborhood with a WalkScore of 94.”

“The fact that this three-bedroom sold so quickly is fairly astounding…the listings poetry triumphs again with some serious turns of phrase–literally–making note of the ‘turned staircase’ and saying, ‘this house has everything on your list of must-haves.’ Thing is, that’s pretty much true.”

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