Queen Village, University City and Bella Vista still going strong

Holly Mack-Ward & Co. February 5, 2013

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been sending our e-newsletter since February 2007. Looking back at that first edition is really a blast from the past–it reports that PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) became tax deductible and that the average number of days on market for houses that sold in 2006 was only 57 (!).

What’s cool to note is that two of the wholesale nba jerseys three new businesses we told our readers about (all 300 of you that made up our meager mailing list at the time) are still going strong. University City’s Dock Street Brewery is now a neighborhood staple. It seems like about half of everyone I know is styled by either Matty or bejegyzések Whitney at Ground Zero South hair salon in Queen Village. And while the third New Around Town item, the Bella Vista BYO James, has shuttered its doors, it was hardly a Collection flop. James’ owners remain ubiquitous on the Philly foodie scene.

I’m happy to see wholesale nfl jerseys the senior same trend in my trygghetslarmet own business Five as wholesale nfl jerseys I’ve expanded from being a solo agent to leading a team of cheap jerseys China agents. I’ve added new services that now seem like a given–just like people in University City might have a hard time remembering back to before there cheap jerseys was a spot to have a beer at Dock Street while enjoying Jazz in the Park, I have a hard time remembering when we had to turn rental clients away.

But enough about 2007–what’s happening now in Philadelphia neighborhoods and in the real estate market? Read about it in our February 2013 e-newsletter. If you’re not already subscribed, what are you waiting for?

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